Loyal - Seventh Mask - The Trial and Error
sweeping you into the fray
 [ The Feed clicks on.

...But where is the personnel? It seems quiet. Too quiet... ]

The Rush Will Strike BackCollapse )

Faithful - Sixth Mask - When all Stood still Without the Sun
running through your veins
The ArrivalCollapse )

The One with the PokegearCollapse )

Game and Respite...New Ally.Collapse )

Mun!Collapse )

Light - Fifth Mask - Do or Do not.[video]
let's begin the fight
[ At the base of ruins and just calming down his pokemon stands Meta Knight. He retains his composure and walks around the entrance of the ruins curiously. Ralts whom he had been given through a very special egg hanged over his shoulder giggling. He seems as if not to notice whatsoever. A dark streak rose from his shadow and forms a haunter and she floats over towards the entrance and gestures to go inside. A Scyther appears by Meta Knight's side and brace's it's blades. Finally swooping down from the sky came the Pidgeotto and a Beedrill. They both float on with side of him and nod. He removes his mask and smiles. Red streaks extend from him and take in all the pokemon except the ralts. He chuckles. ]\

We have quite the lively team, do we not?

[ The Ralts nods and giggles, as they heads into the ruins. ]

Another - Fourth Mask - Our Melody of Sadness
for it's delicious flavor
Violet City.

This town seemed to have a pleasant feel to it. Meta Knight currently is looking around with his armor off and walking around in a tank-top and blue jeans, fully white footwear. Midori is training, Kikakusu is resting in a tree. Kiikoki is zipping around in it's new form taking in sights and simply having fun. Meta Knight still doesn't understand evolution in this sense. Yurami stays in the shadows.

[ ooc: [ video ] or [ action ] for those in violet city ]

A - Third Mask - Piano Played in the Dark [video]
and the loyal knight waits
The feed switches on and the screen is focused on a mask. Actually the remains of a mask. It's crumbling more and more every moment.

"Midori, is there going to be a training session where you do not destroy my mask?"

The Green pokemon looks down at it's feet. Kikakusu is busy staring into the campfire. Wondering if it saw a ghost.

"Honesty. I do not think we need to go through this every time."

His Kakuna watches the two by Kikakusu's side.

when the sorrow revivesCollapse )

The - Second Mask - We Shall go Together [ video ]
which cannot be played
Meta Knight had begun traveling with Scratch and the Doctor. They were all together...but Meta Knight went on ahead a little and found himself looking down at his reflection in a creek. Then he looked down at his new mask...which Midori yet again broke. Reason he went on ahead was because he saw a Kakuna. He wanted to catch it, but it bounced away. Before he reports back to his traveling group he spots it again. He summons Midori as well as Kikakusu. Preparing for a battle...little does he know that his gear is on and he is being watched by kirby other people. [ action for the doc's video for the people ]


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